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Data protection corporate commitment

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Scope of application and compliance
The scope of application of this Code of Conduct is for all the departments of our entity and of mandatory compliance of all our employees.

The objective is based on the establishment of guidelines to be followed for the protection of personal data, abiding to those stipulated in the specific regulations of this matter, in such a way that pertinent safety measures are developed to safeguard the data as well as the confidentiality of it.

General Principals for Personal Data Protection
Lawfulness, Loyalty, Transparency, Data Minimisation, Accuracy, Limited time of storage, Integrity, Confidentiality and Active Responsibility.

Special Data Categories
The treatment of personal data that reveals ethnic or racial origin, opinions, politics, religious or philosophical convictions, trade union affiliation, the treatment of generic data, biometric data, data relative to health or data relative to sex life or sexual orientation of a physical person, excluding the exceptions legally authorised, is forbidden.

Subjects’ Rights
Subject’s revel their rights to access to their personal data, as well as correcting when inaccurate, elimination when no longer necessary or does not want their data to be treated, limit to certain treatments, have the possibility of receiving their data in an easy fashion and in a structured format and of common use by the person in charge, as well as, opposing to the treatment of their data because of particular circumstances, and also of it being used with the objective of profile elaboration.

Activity Register and Safety Measures
Under our responsibility, our entity will register the activities and treatment carried out, where the most relevant information is reflected and of due legal compliance, relative to the person in charge, the supervisor, the Data Protection Delegate, in which case, the object of the treatment, categories of the subject’s data, addressees, international transfers, storage periods and necessary safety measures to safeguard all personal data under the principals of confidentiality and secrecy.

Control and Assessmento
Our entity will carry out an annual control to assess the compliance of this Data Protection Policy and the rest of the legal obligations in relation to Data Protection.

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