Isolxtrem system

RX-417 Isolxtrem Pintherm

  • RX-417 Rualaix Isolxtrem Pinttherm

RX-417 Isolxtrem Pintherm

Matte acrylic paint, thermo-acoustic insulation, anti-reverberation and anti-condensation.


• Protection of walls where moisture is generated by condensation.

• Application in premises with high temperatures and environmental humidity (restaurant kitchens, indoor swimming pools, saunas, bathrooms, spas, etc.).

  • Good washability.
  • Lightweight material.
  • It increases the dew point of interior surfaces where it has been applied (report 16/12289-1725).
  • Anti-condensation.
  • Good coverage
  • With ANTIMOWLED preservative, it prevents the appearance of mould, algae and other microorganisms on the surfaces.
  • Provides thermal insulation to the surface.
  • Provides a reduction in noise intensity.
  • The application system of RX-417 on RX-127 provides an enhanced isolation system.
  • Water and moisture resistant.
  • Breathable product.
  • Thermal insulation of hot and cold water pipes.
  • Reverberation noise reduction.
  • It can be coloured.
  • Surfaces treated with RX-417 provide at least 25% more thermal insulation than surfaces treated with a conventional paint.
  • RX-417 is approved according to ETAG 004 - ETE 15/0015.
Technical information

RX-417 Safety data sheet 0,43 MB

RX-417 Technical data sheet 1,49 MB

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Anti-condensation and thermo-acoustic solutions (man) 6,42 MB

How to save on energy and minimize noise in your home (man) 2,06 MB

Achieve total hygiene by eliminating mold from walls and ceilings in your home (man) 4,29 MB

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