Isolxtrem system

RX-127 Rualaix Isolxtrem interior

  • RX-127 Rualaix Isolxtrem

RX-127 Rualaix Isolxtrem interior

Renovation and anti-condensation plaster, with sound-absorbing and heat-insulating properties.


• Apply in a thick layer to cover imperfections and “stippled finish” plastic paint.

• Soundproofing: dampens outside noise and vice versa.

• The insulation of heating or cold pipes.

• Apply in places where moderate soundproofing is required (restaurants, offices, etc.).

• Prevent the formation of water condensation in areas with a high moisture content.

• Prevent the formation of typical mould stains, caused by condensation on the walls, in environments with a high degree of humidity

(unventilated areas, laundry rooms, indoor swimming pools, thermal centres, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.).

  • Easy to apply, smooth and sand.
  • Formulated with microspheres.
  • Excellent coverage capability.
  • Lightweight product.
  • Free of cracks and shrinkage.
  • Breathable (allows water vapour).
  • RX-127 increases the dew point of interior surfaces where it has been applied (report 11/3716-2702).
Technical information

RX-127 Safety data sheet 0,37 MB

RX-127 Technical data sheet 1,44 MB

Additional information

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