PX-20 Isolxtrem RTX - F

  • PX-20 Isolxtrem RTX - F

PX-20 Isolxtrem RTX - F

Textured, flexible and waterproofing acrylic mortar suitable for finishing thermo-acoustic insulation systems on the outside (SATE). Fine finish.


• Waterproofing and decorating façades.

• Finishing in external thermal insulation systems (SATE).

• Improvement of the insulating power of the thermal insulation system (SATE).

  • Easy application and high load capacity.
  • Waterproof product.
  • Self-cleaning effect.
  • No cracking or flaws.
  • Contains additives that prevent development of microorganisms.
  • Ready-to-use.
  • Maximum grain size: 1000 μm (1 mm).
  • Finish within the range: fine.
  • A flexible, anti-cracking product.
  • A waterproof, breathable product.
  • High performance.
  • PX-20F is approved according to ETAG 004 - ETE 15/0015.
Technical information

PX-20F Safety data sheet 0,37 MB

PX-20F Technical data sheet 4,21 MB

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