Isolxtrem system

CX-60 Colbaix Univerflex

  • CX-60 Colbaix Univerflex Gris
  • CX-60 Colbaix Univerflex Blanco

CX-60 Colbaix Univerflex

Upgraded cementitious adhesive of highest quality, mouldable with reduced slippage and extended open time.


• The fitting of tiles independent to their grade of absorption in < 90cm formats (longer length of side), following the general rules for carrying out of coatings with ceramic tiles (UNE 138002).

• Suitable for Exterior Thermal Insulation, ITE.

• Suitable for covering over tiles in horizontal and vertical position (coverings and coatings).

• Radiant floors.

• Tiling with granite, marble, porcelain stoneware, glass paste and glass mosaic.

  • Standard setting product.
  • Available in white and grey.
  • Thixotropic non-drip.
  • Reduced slippage.
  • Flexible.
  • Docile to apply.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Maximum adhesion.
  • High performance.
  • Fine tiered granulometry.
  • Extended open time.
Technical information

Cx-60 Technical data sheet 1,58 MB

CX-60 Safety data sheet 0,40 MB

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