Isolxtrem system

CX-28 Isolxtrem Poliestirex

  • CX-28 Isolxtrem Poliestirex

CX-28 Isolxtrem Poliestirex

Microfibre mortar in powdered form made from a cement base with high adherence and excellent covering and filling power. Indicated for gluing polystyrene and mineral wool and the subsequent plastering of these substances.

  • Microfibre product.
  • Normal hardening.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Can be applied as a thin coat.
  • Can be applied as a thick coat.
  • Great adherence.
  • Highly resistant finish.
  • Low retraction.
  • Coating used in thermal and sound insulation systems.
  • Indicated for gluing and plastering polystyrene insulation panels.
  • Cavity filling.
Technical information

CX-28 Technical data sheet 3,47 MB

CX-28 Safety data sheet 0,40 MB

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